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Thomas vs Hutchinson BT Sports

Highly rated Scottish fighter Willy Hutchinson continued his undefeated run with an impressive first-round knockout of Ben Thomas. The light heavyweight boxer knocked Thomas down once. However, the latter survived the count. Hutchinson, however, continued with the momentum and ended up knocking his opponent out.

Although Hutchinson fought at light heavyweight, there were speculations that he will step down a weight class soon. The fight started with both the fighters circling the ring. Thomas briefly caught Hutchinson. However, there wasn’t a lot of damage done. Thomas looked the lighter one on his feet of the two, switching stances as well for a few moments.

Hutchinson controlled the centre and looked for the openings. A left hook followed by a thunderous right sent Thomas to his feet. Hutchinson survived the count making his way back to his feet. The damage was, however, done as Hutchinson stalked his opponent for possible openings. The two were entangled as well for some time before the referee stepped in.

The Scot landed some body shots before he found himself in a sideways position with Thomas. He utilized the angle supremely well to land a left and a right uppercut. That sealed the deal for one of the most highly touted fighters out of Scotland.

As expected, Hutchinson did express a desire to move down to super middleweight. While some fans believe that the pairing was a bit lopsided, Hutchinson is still pleased with how things went down in the ring.

I am happy everything went to plan. After this fight, I’m doing super middleweight. I’m coming after everyone at 12 stone in Britain,” Willy Hutchinson said while talking to BT Sport after his fight.

Keiran Farrell said "we've just got to go to the hospital now to get Ben's eye checked out. It usually takes a few hours there. I recon we'll be setting off back home about 3am. Ben took the fight really last minute but he beat Lyndon Arthur in the amateurs and fought Bivol so with his experience he's always in with a chance ".

Ben suffered a fractured eye socket and spent over 4 hours in A and E after the fight.


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