Kingscote Boxing Gym

In September 2016 Eddy and Winston Harrison decided to take over Kingscote Boxing Gym when Head coach of 13 years Anthony Moran decided to retire from the sport. The brothers have a long history with the gym, fighting for the gym and being trained by the many coaches that have passed through the Gym. These include Jonah Jones, Alan Levene and Warren Harrison. The gym has had significant investment and is now open everyday and welcomes everybody. At the start of 2020 Blackpool Kingscote started training Professional fighters. A number of Kingscotes amateur boxers started to look into turning professional. After visiting a number of gyms and speaking to a number of different coaches, the best decision was to continue to train at kingscote and fight professionally out of the club. The coaches became licensed by the British Boxing Board of Control and so did the fighters. Kingscote works closely with Kieran Farrell BEM The Peoples Gym owner, manager and Promoter. Kieran manages, promotes and takes care of all necessary arrangements involved with the whole of the professional boxing side and works with every promoter in the country to develop boxers through choosing the correct fights and organising the best sparring. This enables kingscote boxers to spar with the best boxers in the country on a regular basis.



Ultimate physical conditioning using a range of techniques including HIIT, Flexibility, Speed Endurance, Plyometrics, Endurance, Strength, Resistance, GST and much more.


Our conditioning will give you the highest level of physical fitness, preparing you to be able to carry out sport specific training in any event or sport.



Amateur or professional training camps for all combat sports with a focus on striking and defence. Kingscote boxing gym believe it is just as important to not get hit, as it is being able to hit. We will prepare you to face any opponent or challenge you have.

            FILM STUDY

Breakdowns of opponents or analyzing your fight or spar. Correcting weaknesses and adding a higher level of knowledge to your fight IQ. 


Eddy Harrison  


Level 2 ABAE Coach

Britsh Boxing Board of Control Coach

Liam Turrell  


Level 2 ABAE Coach

Winston Harrison  


Level 2 ABAE Coach