Kingscote Boxing Gym

Kingscote Boxing Gym is a Professional and Amatuer boxing gym in Blackpool. In September 2016 Eddy and Winston Harrison took over Kingscote Boxing Gym when Head coach of 13 years Anthony Moran decided to retire from the sport. The brothers have a long history with the gym, fighting for the gym and being trained by the many coaches that have passed through the Gym. These include Jonah Jones, Alan Levene and Warren Harrison.

In 2020 Kingscote  started training professional boxers and began working closely with Kieran Farrell BEM, The Peoples Gym owner, manager and Promoter. This has enabled Kingscote Boxers to fight on DAZN, Matchroom boxing, BT Sport, Sky Sports, Euro sports, Fightzone and many other promotions. Kingscote fighters have also boxed in Dubai, Spain, Ireland and Scotland. 

The gyms boxers have also had the opportunity to spar multiple world champions and Elite level boxers such as Callum Smith, Anthony Crolla, Liam Smith, Callum Johnson, Paul Butler, Tasha Jonas, Anthony Fowler, Stephen Smith, Alex Dilmaghani and Brian Rose. 

Walkston Candy Sponsorship

Thanks to the Sponsorship from Walkston Candy, Enexus Energy and a few other partners, Kingscote Boxing is able to provide all junior sessions for free.  

Amateur Boxing Class

The amateur session is usually very fitness based and involves a lot of intense cardio. We recommended that children can usually start from 9 years old. The sessions may involve co-ordination drills, sparring, skipping, running, sprints, body weight exercises, shadow boxing and heavy bag work.  

Adults sessions / Open gym

After the amateur class, the gym can then be used as members want. Some people may just spar, hit the bags or shadowbox. 

1 to 1 and Private group sessions

We have many different coaches in the gym and surrounding gyms that provide private sessions depending on what you are looking for. 

Professional class

Professional class is invite only and training times vary daily. Generally training begins from 9am everyday.


Eddy Harrison  


Level 2 ABAE Coach

Britsh Boxing Board of Control Coach

Liam Turrell  


Level 2 ABAE Coach

Winston Harrison  


Level 2 ABAE Coach

Hamza Shah  


Level 1 ABAE Coach

Daniel Recestar  


Level 1 ABAE Coach

Harry Turrell  


Level 1 ABAE Coach