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Jamie Houghton Sparring with GB Boxer Will Cawley

Team GB Boxer Will Cawley

A big thanks to Team GB boxer Will Cawley for getting Jamie Houghton ready for his fight at The De Vere Hotel Blackpool, on the 26th of November. Jamie and Will sparred non stop for over 40 minutes before coach Harrison called time on the spar. He said "Will is super fit and could have sparred all night. He is so relaxed and has tons of experience so it was an excellent experience for Jamie. Neither boxer would have stopped the sparring as their both super fit. Jamie's getting ready to fight soon so his fitness is really good. I really wanted to test Jamie to see what he's got and see if he would quit. Even though Will wasn't holding back, Jamie held his own and was never out of his depth. Will's ring IQ is extremely high and Jamie will have learnt loads from that experience". North West select vs Dublin. Tickets VIP £25.00, Standard £15.00

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