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Oliver Paczkowski amateur debut

Oliver makes his boxing debut at Eccles boxing gym on Kieran Farrell show. After a good boxing match where both boxers showed good skills. Ollie loses a unanimous points decision. Coach Winston Harrison said "Eddy is in Bracknell doing the corner for 1 of the pro's in the gym Craig Sumner. He matched the fight against an opponent who had 3 fights but also said it might change to an opponent who had 24 fights and we would only know the night before because the kid was fighting the night before. He didn't even tell me it was Kieran's show.

Just as the fight was about to start, Simon the paramedic came up to me and said "you do realise that your guy has never boxed and the other kid has had 24 fights". I just said "yeh Eddy has sorted it so it will be fine". Ollie just didn't work enough and got out boxed by the much taller opponent. It was a very good 1st fight for Ollie and he showed some good head movement and defence. Hopefully next fight he can box someone who has similar experience to him.

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