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Fahy vs Hopkins 2 Novice Championships

In the 2nd round of the Novice championships held at Penrith leisure centre, Callum in a rematch with Ben Hopkins loses on points again. It was another excellent performance from Callum but Ben was just to good on the day.

Coach Ed said "The championships have been held at the same venue as the MTK box cup. The organisation was terrible. We came down Thursday night and Callum boxed 3 min rounds in 12 ounce gloves. Today he did 2 min rounds in 10 ounce gloves and was more tired. We kind of had to guess when we were meant to be on. There was no where to warm up. We went from the tent to the entrance and I was looking at the fights while Liam warmed Callum up. The fight before Cullum's was called off for some reason but no one told us so when the ring announcer just skipped that fight it was a mad rush to the ring. Callum fought well but Hopkins was just to strong for him today. It was the busiest event we've ever been to. People couldn't even get in and there was 5 rings on at the same time".


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