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Ed Harrison BT Sports debut

Ed Harrison fights live on TV for the first time against Andrew Cain 5-0 5 KO's. The behind closed doors show during the lockdown is 1 of the first sporting events since the world was locked down. In the 1st round Ed used his movement to good effect and caught Cain coming forward a few time. Cain carried on his relentless pressure and showed zero respect for any punches that Ed was landing. Ed retires in the corner at the end of round 3 and loses for the 1st time inside the distance.

Kieran Farrell commenting on the fight said "Ed's got his own gym so has been able to train all through the pandemic. He was scheduled to fight Jack Bateson on my behind closed doors show in an 8 rounder which is still in the works due to the changing pandemic rules. Ed also had a potential offer to fight Hopey price in Matchrooms fight in the garden card next week but the match makers didn't want to confirm till really last minute.

Ed was getting his weight down anyway for that fight when BT rang and asked if Ed was available. Ed got 3 days notice but he was more then ready. I couldn't make it down but Ed was more than happy to go down by him self. He weighed in 2 lbs lighter than Cain who is actually a super bantam weight because he didn't want to lose his chance to fight on Tele. He was 100/1 to win and a few people had money on him. Ed just got the tactics wrong. He should have stood his ground and had a fight with him but he moved around to much. He should have used his size to his advantage. In the 3rd round Cain hit Ed with 2 nice left hooks which perforated his ear drum. Ed come back to the corner and was done. Credit to Cain who took some big shots off Ed but he just didn't care and walked through them.

Not many fighters are taking these opportunity's to fight in the pandemic because all the fights are going to be hard now. TV promoters don't want to put 1 sided fights on TV. Ed will definitely get called up again and next time he will have the experience of fighting on a big TV promotion and definitely get the win. If you are able to bet on him next time then bet big because he won't let the fans down again".

Post fight comments from Ed "The fight felt more like a spar. There was no crowd so it was double quite in the BT Sports studio arena. It definitely makes a difference when you've got people cheering when big shots land. Big thanks to @frankgreaves for doing my corner and also @dempo7981 for the awesome hand wraps and also doing my corner. As always, thanks to my sponsors @officialwalkston @discounttyresblackpool @lancashire_media and of course @kieran_farrell_bem who makes these opportunities possible. Well done to @andrewcainert with another awesome stoppage Looking back I'm gutted I didn't finish the 6 rounds but my face says other wise. Both eye brows bruised, left ear bruised, right ear perforated, face generally messed up but it was an awesome experience and of course we learned loads and can't wait to adjust and go again. And massive thanks for everyone's support, much appreciated, sorry for those who lost money but I can guarantee that if you are able to bet on me again we definitely gonna get it".


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