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Blackpool Football Club Disappointment Home show

On the 10th of January Blackpool FC cancel the venue to host the Kingscote Boxing Home show run by Kieran Farrell the Peoples gym that would have been a massive event. Extremely disappointing for all the young boxers and some massive fights where scheduled. The main event would have featured Hamza Shah vs Callum Howarth, 2 Blackpool boxers that would have put on the fight of the night for sure.

Thanks to Brian Gardener from Eccles Gym for stepping in and letting us use his gym as a venue so all the kids could still fight. Jamie Houghton had to pull out due to injury and Callum Howarth also had to pull out.

Goods wins for Oliver Farrell and also Oliver Packowski, who had no warm up and literally had to get into the ring. Callum's rematch was another split decision in the fight of the night.

The show nearly got moved to Kieran's gym at the last minute but Brian managed to get the light on. The power had been out all day.

Big Ollie couldn't get to the ring because a 95 year old man was trying to get down the stairs so his opponent was waiting a while.


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