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Ollie vs Ibby Second Fight

Ollie travelled done to Ibby's home show again, in what turned out to be a very good rematch. Both fighters were very impressive. Ollie tried to press the fight and Ibby boxed very well with good counters. After 3 very competititive rounds, Ibby cae out as the Winner again. A 3rd fight is a must and Ollie can't wait to get a win over his rival. Coach Harrison said "Ollie is at such a light weight that it's difficult to find him fair competitive sparring. We spent a lot of time getting Ollie used to taking punches and being comfortable in the pocket. Ollie's jab was excellent tonight. It was a really good learning fight. I'm sure that if he sticks at it and as his experience increases this fighter could have a very big future. Only time will tell and we will see what he's capable of".

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