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Alex Wins his first boxing match

Well done to Alex winning his first fight at Preston Grass Hoppers Ground. Alex consistently landed his accurate jab and looked comfy throughout the fight. Coach Liam Turrell was impressed and said "I thought it was a much closer fight, but a lot of people, especially the other coaches thought that Alex won easily and looked very good". Coach Ed Harrison said "Alex has only been back in the gym a week and a half. Alex sprained his ankle about 7 weeks out. The fight was made with 8 weeks notice. Even though Alex hasn't been able to train, we saw enough during the last week to be happy enough to put Alex in an expect him to win. His ankle has started hurting again so he's going to have some time off of it. He was scheduled to fight again very soon but we think it's best that he rests it to avoid further injury".

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