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Edward Harrison vs Ibrahim Nadim 56kg Northwest region Semi Final elite ABA championships 2019

The second round of the Northwest ABA Championships contested Harrison vs Nadim. Nadim outworked Harrison over 3 rounds to take the victory on a unanimous points decision. In the Corner Liam Turrell was joined by Moss side Fire stations Nigel Travis as Winston Harrison was late to arrive to the contest. Nigel literally got roped in by Harrison as he was leaving the last bout. Coach Liam said "Ed has literally killed him self to make the weight. That was the main challenge. He's been on 1 meal a day and trained every night just to keep taking weight off. He was very light in there and his punch power had noticeably declined. He was managing to outbox Nadim and was landing some good shots but Nadim was unphased and turned up the pace which Ed couldn't live with. Nadim really put it on him and Ed was really tired in there. He definitely should not be fighting at this weight".

Ibrahim Nadim Went on to win the whole of the competition becoming Elite ABA champion then winning the tri-nations tournament and going on to GB trails.

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