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Craig Sumner vs Jovan Roye

Good effortt from Craig Sumner taking the fight with 4 days notice. Craig lost on pts but confused and frustrated his opponent with his movement and feints. The fight in Preston was an excellent learning fight and Craig navigated his way through the fight even though he didn't have the conditioning due to the late notice. Coach Harrison said "Craig will literally fight anyone anytime. He's not even been in the gym but I felt that this fight would be a good learning experience. I wanted Craig to just manage his way through the fight against a very good boxer. His opponent was very frustrated as Craig was not allowing him to punch, which is the ultimate form of defence. If you can limit your opponents punches then your defence percentage becomes very high". There was double victory though for Kingscote as Hamza Shah was a 2 time winner in the MTK Manchester raffle. One of the prizes professionally modelled by himself.

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