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Jamie Houghton last minute fight

Jamie Houghton takes a last minute fight at Whitby Sports Club on a sold out dinner show. After 3 rounds in which Jamie dominated the the fight, he lost on a split decision to the home fighter. Hamza Shah who joined Coach Harrison in the corner thought he won comfortably. Coach Harrison said, "I couldn't believe Jamie didn't get the decision, he clearly won. The judge next to us give Jaime the fight by 3 rounds but when I heard that it was a split decision I thought, no way they can't give it to the other fighter. The result isn't to important though. I was very impressed with Jamie's performance and how he listened and followed instructions. His conditioning was very good and he was very calm and relaxed boxing extremely well. Many boxers put for to much emphasis on the reslut of a contest, when in reality the result is irrelevant. Obviously you want to win but even if you win you don't develop as much as when you lose. Winning a fight agasint an oppoentn who isn't competitive doesn't develop a boxer as much as having a good fight against a style you've not fought before".

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