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Preston Guild Wheel Bike Ride

Well done to everyone who completed the Guild wheel cycle route. 21 miles of beautiful scenery round the outskirts of Preston. The route travels through nature reserves and has many challenging inclines and declines. Coach Harrison said "The idea for the bike ride came from our Chairman JP. We got around 10 of our boxers to get their bikes and we stuck them in the back of a few vans. We parked the cars up at the van sales garage opposite dobbies just before going into Preston and started the bike ride from there. The bike ride would usually take about 2 hours, but we didn't realise that Saleem could barley ride a bike. He was just about ok riding slowly in a straight line but he came off as soon as he went down a slight hill. He dusted himself off and carried on. He then came off again when he came round a corner, panicked that there was someone round the corner so pulled his brakes and went over his handle bars. This was all within the first half a mile. He did carry on and complete the full 21 miles but it took nearly twice as long and it had gone dark by the time we finished".

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