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Jamie Houghton and Craig Sumner fight on the same day

Jamie Houghton fought first at Aston Masonic Hall with the boxing starting at 2pm. Jamie was very unlucky once again to not get the decision and lost on a split decision. Both coaches Liam and Eddy thought he had done enough to win comfortably. Jamie once again brought a large number of supporters and as always put on an entertaining fight, displaying his excellent boxing skills. Then it was on to the next fight with Craig Sumner just down the road at Oldham Leisure Centre.

Craig fought the much heavier Ellis from Team Greaves ABC. The long day didn't do Craig any favours as he had come to support Jamie earlier on in the day and looked drained in the ring. Even though Craig was tired he used his movement around the Olympic size ring to navigate his way through the fight. Coach Ed said "Craig has shown a lot more in the gym and now we just need the experience of fighting so Craig becomes comfortable and can translate what he does in the gym into the fight nights. The long day didn't help but you never know what you might end up having to do before a fight".

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