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Jamal Khan displays excellent boxing in his first Skills Fight.

On the 10th of February 2018 at Audley Sports Centre, Jamal Khan showed some excellent boxing skills during his first skills contest in Blackburn. The skills fight which has no winner or loser prepares boxers for their first fights. The 54 kg match which was contested over 3 x 1.5 min rounds, under open conditions, is conducted in exactly the same manner as a proper fight. Jamal's opponent Amman Hassan from Blackburn Cobras boxing gym was also taking part in his first contest. Both boxers showed good skills and showed a lot of sportsmanship during the contest. Jamal used his head movement and Jab to counter his taller opponents jab. In attendance at the event was World Championship Title contender Hughie Fury, who had lost a controversial decision to Joseph Parker for the heavyweight championship of the world. The cousin of undisputed world heavy weight champion Tyson Fury presented both boxers with their trophies and was impressed by the boxers first contest.

Hughie Fury handing out trophies to both fighters.

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