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Jamie Houghton Robbed vs Ireland Select Team

Jamie Houghton loses a controversial points decision on a packed out Blackpool show at the De Vere hotel. Jamie's opponent changes on the day of the fight. Jamie's oppoent turned out to be a multiple time Irish National Champion having over 50 fights. Jamie wasn't fazed and having sold 2 tables of tickets he wasn't going to say no to the fight. It was clear to many people in the crowd and coaches that Jamie clearly won. Jamie's opponent did nothing for the first 2 rounds then tried to have a go in the 3rd, but Jamie still took the 3rd round in the eyes of many people. England boxing coach said "I thought Jamie won all 3 rounds, even if the judges gave the 3rd round to the Irish kid Jamie would still have won the fight 2 rounds to 1, but this is amateur boxing and he was just on the wrong end of the decision this time".

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