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Craig Sumner vs Tyrone Bowen Price

Craig Sumner made his return to the ring after many years out. This was Craig's first senior fight and lost on points. Coach Ed said "Craig's literally just come back to the gym, he hasn't been training and he hasn't been fighting fit for years. I got the phone call and then rang Craig to tell him about the fight. He took the fight straight away. I did't expect Craig to win but I wanted to see how he would do against some one who is fully fit. Craig did well, it's just his fitness that let him down. Even if he had 2 months of training Craig would have done much better. Craig's literally been doing no training at university. I've just picked him up from Horwich train station and then it was a short 10 minute drive to Horwich RMI. Craig will literally fight anyone anytime and now he's started his training he will be more ready in his next fight".

Coach Winston said "Craig did alright considering he's not trained for a few years. He bought some good support down here and gave everyone a good show. Tyrone is rated as a very good fighter and a lot of people expected Craig to do a lot worse. It was a good effort from Craig who just needs to be much fitter".

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