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14/1 upset on BT Sports

Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions card was expected to make some stir, but everyone was caught totally off-guard at end of the first event on the card. The fight was between the undefeated Bilal Ali and Ed Harrison. And it took place on the undercard of Anthony Yarde vs Dec Spelman.

The fight started with Harrison swinging for the fences, trying to take Ali out early. While Ali tried to keep Harrison at range, throwing jabs and straights. The latter kept coming in close, throwing hard hooks. Both fighters were engaging in plenty, but it was Ali who landed the more significant strikes getting the better of his opponent.

The second round started very differently as it was Ali that started pressuring Harrison and waited for the counter as Harrison threw looping hooks. However, Harrison got the hang of Ali’s timing and threw hooks coming in and started catching Ali. The second round was very close, but Harrison stole it.

The turning point of the fight came in the third round, where Ali was deducted a point by the referee for grabbing Harrison’s arm repeatedly despite the prior warnings. Also, Harrison was already winning the round and finished the round strong after the bout resumed.

The final round started with both fighters showing signs of fatigue, having thrown hard shots from the get-go. But since Harrison was the aggressor for the entire round, he most likely won this as well.

It was a good contest, however, the real action came after the fight when the decision was announced. It was a very bizarre moment for the boxing world when the announcer declared the bout as 39-37 in favor of Bilal Ali, but the referee refused to let their hands go and shook his head in disapproval. He then pointed towards Ed Harrison and declared him as the winner. The result was then re-announced and Harrison was declared the winner.

Kieran Farrell after the fight said "Ed was 14/1 underdog and a lot of people made money on him. He told everyone after the Andrew Cain fight that if you could bet on him again then he was going to get the win. This is the 2nd undefeated fighter Ed has beat and what a performance at the Iconic York Hall. They tried to change his opponent 6 times before the weigh in. 20 minutes before the weigh in they changed Ed's opponent to a 6 round fight. Then at the weigh in they changed the opponent back to the Bilal Ali again".

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