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Pro Boxing Assessment

Cameron Singer and Ed Harrison both pass their professional boxing assessment down at Kieran Farrell's gym.

The assessment conducted by Mo and Les Potts involved the candidates show casing their skills with some light sparring, bag work and pad work. Les Potts with a torn rotator cuff was unable to hold pads as he could barley lift his arm up. Les was given some stretches to do which made it even worse.

Kieran Farrell said "We're now looking to get Ed out as soon as possible. As soon as all his medicals are signed off we are looking to get him out straight away. I've already been on the phone looking for fights but because he's not had a loss yet, other promoters don't want put him in with their prospects. We will keep Ed as busy as he wants. He's got good skills and will be able to pick a few wins up as an away fighter".


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