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Ed Harrison makes his Pro debut

Ed Harrison makes his professional debut in Aberdeen, Scotland vs 4x Scottish national champion Mark McKeown. Mark weighs in 2lbs over the agreed limit and after some negotiations between Kieran Farrell Promotions and Kynoch promotions the fight goes ahead. From the starting bell, Mark Starts at a blisteringly fast pace and Ed Harrison matches him. Both fighters land very good shots. Ed tires towards the second half of the fight and hangs on in the 4th round to here the final bell. Mark win 40-36 on pints. Ed Harrison commentating on his performance said "We just got off the plane a few hours ago, weighed in and then just fought. The taxi driver just took us to the wrong hotel. There was me Kev Macauley, Mikey Horrabon, Des Newton, Winny and Kieran in the taxi. I was done at the end of the 2nd round. I actually told Kieran to wave the fight off because I was so exhausted. Kieran said are you sure and I said not really haha. After I went and did the 3rd round I knew I only had 1 more round to go so I just held on and spoiled till the final bell. Mark is so fit and even when I hit him clean he still just kept coming forward. I've never been that tired in my life.


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