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Andy Reid motivational talk

Awesome motivational talk from triple amputee @andyreid2506 who lost 3 limbs when an Improvised Explosive detonated in front of him.💥Everyday we take everything for granted. We forget to #appreciate how lucky we are just to be healthy. Andy and @daisymay_demetre do more activities than most of the general population. No excuses. 400 mile bike ride. 10k run. 100+ mile canoe. Climb Snowden etc. Extremely grateful for @kieran_farrell_bem organising this amazing event.🙏 Change your #perspective Everything changes. Andy had a goal of running 10k on his prosthetics. After a number of years training towards this goal, someone fell into Andy just 700m away from the finish line of the 10k run and he was unable to run again. Instead of moaning or blaming anyone Andy just said if he can't run he'll do a 400 mile bike ride instead.


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