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Edward Harrison vs Callum Burton 56kg Northwest region quarter final elite ABA championships 2019

The 1st round of the 2019 elite ABA championships took place on a Thursday night at the Holiday inn Bolton. Ed made a return to the ring for his yearly boxing match in the Elite ABA's vs active fighter Callum Burton. In the first 2 rounds Ed was just slightly a step behind. Callum was consistently beating him to the punch and was just slightly sharper. Ed applied the pressure throughout both rounds. In the 3rd round Ed kept up the pressure and managed to land a body shot which resulted in Callum being unable to continue after the 10 count. Therefore Ed won by 3rd round TKO. Coach Winston Harrison said "Ed came back to the corner at the end of round 2 and said to me that he was going to drop his opponent with a body shot, and he did just that. Ed could feel his opponent tiring from the pressure and felt that even though he was tired, he could still get his opponent out of there and win the fight. I could see that Ed was comfy in the ring and he knew what he had to do, but his timing was just off. Once he slowed his opponent down, I knew it was only a matter of time before he landed a big shot. Then we just had to wait to see how his opponent would react. Ed landed an uppercut to the body on the inside which lead to his opponent backing up. Ed has a killer instinct and could see that his opponent was hurt. He followed his opponent in and finished the job off with another shot to the body. Ed is massive at 56kg, he absolutely killed himself to make the weight. He's just skipped in the car park with a bin bag and 5 layers on for 40 minutes to make the weight. Ed was walking about at around about 59kg and thought it might be possible to make 56kg. He's not been 56kg since his first fight back in 2009 when he was 13 or 14 years old. He's been eating literally a steak a day for the last week and he's back at school tomorrow teaching all the kids. It's a good job he's not too marked up". Liam Turrell just said "Ed just needs to keep it simple, he should have used his jab more but what can I say he got the KO. Now it's on to the next one. Ed wanted to eat loads and get back to his normal weight, now he's got to watch his diet again. Ed's already said he's not fighting in the next round but i'm sure he'll change his mind".

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