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Littleborough ABC show, Rochdale Town Hall

Alex Morrow loses a very close fight against 70kg Craig McDonald. The fight took place at Rochadle Town Hall and was awarded fight of the night. Both competitors punched non stop from the first bell till the last, both landing very good shots. In the end the home fighter took a very close decision. This was Alex's final fight before he starts his career as a Royal Navy Officer. Coach Harrison said "I wanted Alex to have a proper fight for his last fight, a fight he would remember. So I told Alex to fight this fight. He probably could have won the fight quite easy if he boxed him as his skills and reach did seem superior. However I wanted Alex to get stuck in and have a good tear up. He came back to the corner a little tired and I told him this is what we wanted, a proper fight, so lets have a proper scrap and Alex went out and took the fight to his opponent and the crowd loved it". Coach Turrell said "I was very impressed with Alex, I thought if he just used his jab more he would have had more success but what a fight that was. I'm sure he'll remember that one for a while and what a great venue to have his last fight at".

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