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Ed Harrison vs Liam Gaynor

Ed Harrison picks up his first win as a professional boxer against 5-0 undefeated pro boxer. The fight of the night contest on Kieran Farrell's show was contested between Liam Gaynor and Ed Harrison. Liam who trains at Elite boxing gym in Bolton stepped up to face Ed Harrison who always comes for the win. After a steady 1st round from both boxers, the fight ignited to life from the 2nd round and turned into an all out war for the next 5 rounds. Both fighters going back and forth with success. Ed takes the points win 59-55.

Ed commenting after the fight said "This was my 1st day before weigh-in. I was wrapped up in about 20 blankets yesterday morning just getting the last few pounds off and we both weighed in bang on weight. I think the fight could've gone either way. He definitely won the first round then at the end of the second round I've landed an overhand right and thought he was ready to go. I ran in to try and finish him off and Liam hit me and I thought I was about to get knocked out. I rushed my work and just thought the ref would jump in if I just threw lots of punches like in the amateurs. Liam was fine though and in the professional game the ref won't just stop the fight really quickly.

This was my 1st 6 rounder so I was always concerned about doing the rounds. I just tried to conserve my energy for 2 minutes and then turn it on the last minute. We were both taking big shots and putting on a show for the crowd who were going mental. I was lucky to get the decision from the ref so wide really. I must of just done enough at the end of the rounds. My right hand is swollen up and I definitely took way to many shots. I now understand why pro boxers need to take their time and sit down on their shots when they have an opponent hurt. I hit Liam clean a few times and he just shook it off. It just amazes me how tough pro boxers really are.

I had a hard fight last week and was disappointed in my performance. I was lucky I could jump back in and redeem myself for my performance last week. It's just unlucky for Liam that it was against him. I think the experience I've gained fighting real top prospects was the difference in this fight. Everyone I've fought has been undefeated and won loads of titles as amateurs".

Straight after his fight. Ed had to start warming Craig Sumner up for his fight and then do the corner. Craig also won on points making it 2 wins for the gym on the same night.


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