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Ed Harrison Spain fight

1 week after the Isaac Lowe fight, Ed travels to Barcelona Spain with Brian Rose to fight 2 Spanish fighters. Brain Rose wins on points over 6 rounds and Ed Harrison loses over 6 rounds to Frank Urquiaga who was Anthony Crollas last opponent.

Kieran Farrell said "All the flights to Spain kept getting cancelled last minute. Ed had a fight scheduled last month but the show got pulled because the restrictions got updated last minute. So we thought we'd just drive over and then we wouldn't need to rely on the planes. Liam was happy to drive us over and bring Riana who also fought in some underground gym.

Amy Shaw made sure we had all the paperwork we needed to get through all the borders and there was a few hiccups along the way with border control but nothing we didn't overcome. Massive thanks to Liam who just drove 16 hours non stop before Ed drove a bit and well done to Rianna who fought in some underground gym. When the spar started the whole gym stopped and everyone just stood and watched.

Brain got some ring rust off and we have secured him a fight in Vegas vs Ammo Williams on the Canelo undercard".

Ed said " It was a very good learning fight. Frank come in the ring a stone heavier and I didn't take him seriously because I just fought Isaac Lowe last week. My hand still hasn't healed since sparring Marcel Braithwaite in January and then I really damaged it even more in the Isaac Lowe fight last week. We needed special permission from the Mayor to fight because they have put this part of Barcelona on a curfew and they were going to call off the show.

We also needed special permission form the head of the Spanish boxing board because it's a different rules to the UK's 6 clear days. In Spain I think you need 28 clear days before you can box again. Ricky Pow managed to sort that all out for us so we was able to box.

In the 1st round I got buzzed about 3 times. It was a combination of the weight difference and not being switched on and only having 1 hand that meant I took a lot of damage till I switched on. I literally just got my wraps on and threw the gloves on then I was on the way to the ring.

I started to switch on from about the 3rd round when I knew I could take his shots and I started to walk him down. It just turned into a scrap then. Every time I hit his head it was like punching a big rock. I was trying to make it look like my hand wasn't hurting but I couldn't sit down on my shots.

I got hit with some good counters as I was being very sloppy and making a lot of mistakes. It was definitely my hardest fight and I definitely won't fight for a very long time. Next time I fight I'm going to be fit and both my hands will be solid.

I've learnt a massive lesson about being super focused for every opponent you get in the ring with. Mentality is so much more important. If I was focussed from the 1st round I would have taken a lot less damage.

Congratulations to Brain Rose who put on an excellent display. He's just been offered a fight on the Canelo undercard in Las Vegas vs Ammo Williams".

Liam Doforo said "There's no boxing for the amateurs in England. England boxing is still closed down for fights so the only way to get Rianna a fight is to take her to another country. We also aren't allowed to travel anywhere unless we are exempt for a specific reason so it was good to go out of the country. Rianna is WBC ambassador and is having a fight in Spain as well as Ed and Brain.

Amy Shaw made sure we all had our PCR tests done and had all the documents needed. Getting out of the UK was double easy. The roads were dead and when we got to the Euro tunnel it was like a ghost town. We was literally the only people there. Getting into France was also very straight forward.

Ed took over driving just before entering Spain and as we went over the mountains it started snowing.

We got into Spain late at night and went to fill up with petrol. The police stopped us because France and Spain are on a 7pm curfew so there should be no one out past 7pm. We showed them our letters and they was fine with it. We visited 2 Spanish gyms and Rianna sparred at the 2nd underground gym.

We got PCR tests done after the fight to show the UK border force on the way back. Paris was put on lock down on the way back so we had to drive round it.

They refused us entry into the UK at 1st because we didn't have the right form and then the PCR test didn't have our date of births on it. Ricky Pow managed to get the doctor to send us over the PCR test results again with our date of births on it and we managed to just catch the last train back to the UK.

Only Kieran Farrell would attempt to do something like this which has resulted in Brian getting a fight in Las Vegas on the Canelo Undercard".


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