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Craig Sumner Fights again

Craig Sumner was out again after taking another last minute fight at the Owleywood Club in Cheshire. Craig started slowly and never found his rhythm, eventually losing on a points decision. Coach Harrison said "Craig never really turned up tonight. He was looking very much improved in the gym but mentally he wasn't up for it today. That could be because he's fought quite a few times recently but it is always a good experience, even if you feel really terrible in the ring it's a good learning experience. Boxing is not only about developing your skills physically but each fight you develop your mental toughness as well. You learn to deal with your nerves and you learn what to do when your not feeling very good. It was a very good lesson for Craig, he could have done loads more in that ring but today mentally he wasn't tough enough. The opponent was fundamentally sound but Craig had the skills and conditioning to beat him quite easy but he couldn't produce the goods when it mattered. We will try get him another fight before the end of the season and see if he can turn it around".

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